About the Auditor

 I live in Inman, and below is some information about my experience. I would be glad to talk with you further.

I have been working as an energy auditor since 2009, and have tested and performed energy audits on over 1500 homes in the upstate and in the Aiken area. I have performed blower door tests on all those homes (before and after air sealing), and I have performed duct blaster tests on over 400 homes (before and after the ducts were sealed).

My training is as a Building Performance Institute (BPI) building analyst and as a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rater.

My customers have been the weatherization departments of community action groups (using guidelines from the DOE), the city of Greenville, and the Furman/Americorp weatherization program. I have also worked extensively with the electric co-ops of SC, including helping them with their pilot home study of 100 homes related to energy upgrades of their members' homes. I would be happy to provide references from those groups.

In addition, I have used extensively REM Design and REM Rate, home modeling software that allows me to look at your home and estimate energy usage and find the most cost-effective areas to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.



Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst Certification

BPI ID: 5008313